• Safety First

    Posted: July 2, 2013

    Fire Safety in the Kitchen 101. Watch this video to find out; how to extinguish a grease fire, how to prevent a fireball, and the hidden dangers lurking in your hairspray!  A lot of this may seem like common sense but better safe than sorry, right? So, here are a few helpful tips just in …read more

  • Liberace

    Posted: May 24, 2013

    Liberace… the man, the myth, the legend… and the cocktail? Yessiree George (brother George, that is)! Liberace (or Lee to his friends) was so hot, so fabulous, and so flaming that he actually has a  delightfully flashy and yes, flaming cocktail named after him. Hope you like a little drama with your Kahlua… this one’s …read more

  • Dirty Mary

    Posted: May 17, 2013

    Best Bloody Mary ever! There are Bloody Marys and there are Bloody Marys. And now, the Flaming Chef introduces the ‘Dirty Mary’. And if you don’t “like it hot” – watch out for these babies. Talk about spicy – this drink is based on Black Pepper-Infused Vodka. But it wouldn’t be dirty without…. (see video …read more

  • Salt and Pepper Martini

    Posted: May 12, 2013

    What are two great tastes that taste great together? We’re talking about good ole salt & pepper. And now you can enjoy them in this shockingly delicious (and refreshing) savory martini! But first, you’ll need some Black Pepper Infused Vodka…

  • Flaming Bananas Part 1 – Blood Orange Mimosa

    Posted: January 5, 2013

    The Flaming Chef prepares a slight twist on the Mimosa – with Blood Orange juice. Sometimes the simplest ideas are really the best ones. And there’s no reason to add a bunch of extra ingredients to a classic like the Mimosa. But you can add a little variety by using Blood Orange juice instead of …read more

  • Flaming Bananas Part 2 – Caramel Sauce

    Posted: January 4, 2013

    The Flaming Chef prepares a simple caramel sauce. Serve with or without sea salt. Yes, another very simple, very basic recipe you may come back to innumerable times over the years. Caramelized sugar is the starting point for lots of different dessert recipes you will encounter. Get this one down pat and your taste buds …read more

  • Flaming Bananas Part 3 – Whipped Cream

    Posted: January 3, 2013

    The Flaming Chef shows how to make good old-fashioned whipped cream.

  • Flaming Bananas Part 4 – The Bananas

    Posted: January 2, 2013

    The Flaming Chef shows how to prepare Flaming Bananas aka Bananas Flambe´ aka Bananas Foster. No matter what you call this dish, we call it scrumptious. Serve it over vanilla ice cream for the classic New Orleans style Bananas Foster or just enjoy with fresh whipped cream and a salted caramel sauce like the Flaming …read more

  • Flaming Toasted Toddy

    Posted: January 1, 2013

    The Flaming Chef prepares a hot coffee cocktail that two can share on a chilly Winter night – complete with a toasty marshmallow topper. Who doesn’t love a nice hot coffee drink after a long day on the slopes? Or a long day shoveling snow? Well, this is definitely what you’re going to want when …read more

  • Flaming Rustic Meatloaf Part 1 – Mark’s Mango Madness

    Posted: December 12, 2012

    The Flaming Chef prepares one of his signature cocktails, “Mark’s Mango Madness”. A little sweet. A little savory. A little spicy. A lot refreshing. One of those drinks you can sip all day long and never tire of. An ingenious combination of flavors combine to make a perfect daytime cocktail. Try this one for brunch …read more

  • Flaming Rustic Meatloaf Part 2 – Meatloaf


    The Flaming Chef prepares a Rustic Meatloaf with Flaming Cognac Mushroom Sauce. Hold onto your roasting pans people – this one is AMAZING. In fact, you may actually cry when you taste the finished product. It’s that good. And beautiful. In fact, it can’t really be compared to mom’s meatloaf. Nope. Two different animals, entirely. …read more

  • Flaming Rustic Meatloaf Part 3 – Swiss Chard


    The Flaming Chef prepares one of his side dishes, “Swiss Chard”. Steamed Red Swiss Chard makes a gorgeous bed for our Rustic Meatloaf. The vibrant green and rhubarb-red colors create a beautiful plating. Plus it’s good for you and tastes great too. Very simply prepared with a splash of soy sauce and Tabasco. (If you …read more

  • Flaming Rustic Meatloaf Part 4 – Flaming Cognac Mushroom Sauce


    The Flaming Chef prepares one of his signature sauces, “Mark’s Cognac Sauce”. This is a rich, creamy, mouth-watering sauce you can use on on lots of dishes. It’s almost a gravy, in a way. And it just so happens to be absolutely perfect drizzled over the Rustic Meatloaf. You really can’t go wrong with butter, …read more

  • Flaming Saganaki Part 1 – Absinthe Sazerac Cocktail


    The Flaming Chef prepares a variation on the classic Sazerac cocktail from New Orleans… with Absinthe! He takes the legendary Sazerac of ‘Nawlinz’ lore and substitutes Bourbon Whiskey for the traditional Rye. He does however retain the Absinthe element which gives this classic libation its lovely aroma. Believed to be perhaps America’s very first cocktail, …read more

  • Flaming Saganaki Part 2 – The Cheese


    The Flaming Chef prepares the classic Greek fried cheese appetizer, Saganaki. Set aflame, of course. OK, now we’re talking classic flambé. You can fry up a hunk of cheese any day, but it’s so much better doused in alcohol and set on fire. Yes, part of the fun is simply the “Wow!” factor for you …read more

  • Flaming Saganaki Part 3 – Leftovers, Grilled Cheese


    The Flaming Chef prepares a Grilled Cheese Sandwich using leftover Greek Fried Saganaki. Whether this is actually something to use up your leftovers or the main course itself, you will love this variation on an American classic. What can you say about Grilled Cheese sandwiches? Pure comfort food, folks. That’s what. Serve this with a …read more

    Flaming News

  • Where there’s flame, there’s fire

    Safety in the kitchen can be fun. Well, maybe not FUN FUN like CUPCAKE FUN, but at least entertaining. Click on my famous fireball picture to find out ways to not scorch your bangs and force a very unflattering hairdo while your hair grows back!

  • A fine brunch for a gay wedding~

    Well, it’s official. SCOTUS has said the word – gay weddings are in this summer! Wedding food is always SO boring. Chicken, fish or veggie. Yawn. Here’s my little suggestion –  A wedding brunch, complete with a fabulous Blood Orange Mimosa, Eggs Benedict on beautiful French croissant, and truffle breakfast potatoes. RECIPES SOON for all …read more

  • Vodka with a KICK

    Infusing Vodka has become a wonderful way to add some fun and flavor to cocktail hour. People are infusing their liquor with everything these days, from pomegranate seeds to bacon (mmm, bacon).   My favorite infusion, perfect for a whole array of cocktails that need a little spicy kick, is with BLACK PEPPERCORNS.   Black pepper, outside of …read more

  • In a Pinch

    New Zealand Sea Salt   No question, my favorite salt to use everyday in the kitchen is the beautiful Fleur de Sel from Brittany. But a few weeks back,  I discovered a pretty amazing substitute – ORGANIC SEA SALT FROM NEW ZEALAND.   The sea salt from Brittany has a moist quality that I’ve never …read more

  • National Grilled Cheese Day

    This is indeed a sacred day and, in honor~   Here’s a slightly under the influence of bourbon, late-nite video of what I do with my leftover fried cheese SAGANAKI. HAPPY GRILLED CHEESE DAY TO ALL and TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT